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About Us

It all started in December 1999 with the Orissa-Project, Department for Asian History, Kiel University. With this project we got our first bookings as a travel agency. At that time we were specialising on  northern and eastern India, but very soon we added other regions.
Currently we are working with many german Universities (Heidelberg, Berlin, Munich, Tübingen).
Our main focus today is Asia (especially India), North America, Canada and Scandinavia with Dalsland/Sweden as our favourite.
Since 2008 we are members of the Canada Specialist Select Programme and have been invited severeal times by Canada Tourism (tours in North-Alberta, Yukon, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswiek). We are also working together with canadian agencies.
Our cooperation with sita since 2011 is continuing to be very fruitful. Feedback from our clients returning from India confirms their reliability and quality.
We offer a wide variety of  package tours, container/luxury ship passages, ferries, ayurveda/wellness packages, language and health tours.
For youths/students we offer the whole sortiment from sta travel.
We began with an agency in Germany. Now we are proud to have our next independent travel agency in Sweden.


Erika Chugh, Indologist M.A.
in the travel business since 12 years
responsible for North America, Canada and India

Anil Chugh, Diplom-Volkswirt and IT-Specialist
responsible for Asia and Australia

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